We contribute to safe navigation and energy saving of ships by designing, producing, and selling various navigation equipment such as gyro compass, autopilot, and electromagnetic log.

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About US

Message from the President


We embarked on business related to meteorological and hydrological observation in 1852, the navigation business in 1950, the aviation and space business in 1956 and the defense business in 1960. Since these beginnings, we have been endeavored to serve customers and society by providing high quality products and services.

It is said that we are in an era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, or VUCA. This acronym has become a buzzword denoting the circumstances surrounding corporate management, individuals and society.

In addition, addressing the challenge of realizing a sustainable society is a major management issue.

Reference:”VUCA” stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguty.

From October 1, 2020 onwards, we will be operating under a new company name, YDK Technologies Co., Ltd. While continuing the company's history and traditions, we will continue to develop the technologies that we have cultivated and deliver optimal solutions, including products and services, to customers to fulfill the demands of society and the needs of our customers that change with the times in accordance with our management philosophy and as a partner trusted by our customers. In so doing, we will work harder to help people secure safety and peace of mind, and to help build a peaceful, fulfilling society.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

YDK Technologies Co.,Ltd.
CEO Makoto Ohtake

Management Philosophy

We have established a new management philosophy that includes a mission, a vision and values. We are committed to implementing and fulfilling them.

Mission - Our duty and its significance

To support the safety and security of the people and to contribute toward the realization of a thriving global society.
YDK Technologies Co., Ltd. contributes to society in the following fields: Defense Business - ensuring Japan's peace ; Environmental Measurement Business - protecting human lives from the threat of nature ; Aviation and Combustion Business - supporting the safety of air and infrastructure ; Navigation Business - improving the safety, efficiency, and economy of naval vessels.The common thread through all businesses is that "providing reliable equipment and information plays a role in creating a society in which people can live in peace."We will continue to fulfill our social mission and take on new challenges that look to the future with our unique technologies.

Vision - What we aim to be

YDK Technologies Co., Ltd. will respond to all of our customers’ desires, and will always be by your side.
YDK Technologies Co., Ltd. continues research and development in each field and advances society by making products that meet customers’ needs.Our core belief is that many problems can be solved by “measurement,” using various sensing technologies. We value our relationships with all of our stakeholders and continuously strive to be a reliable company.

Value - The criteria that we prioritize

  1. Provide quality products and services that satisfy customer expectations
  2. Overcome challenges and grow through teamwork
  3. Act with independence and autonomy
  4. Respect humanity and share our joy

These values are the criteria that we prioritize in order to execute our targeted Mission and Vision at YDK Technologies Co., Ltd.We will continue to contribute to a peaceful and affluent society by manufacturing high-quality products based on these guidelines, and by returning to these ideas in difficult situations due to changes in circumstance.

Corporate Data

Campany name

YDK Technologies Co., Ltd.


October 1, 1960


300 million yen


Makoto Ohtake

Consolidated net sales

13.2 billion yen (Fiscal year 2020)

Number of employees

670 (as of March 31, 2021)


Minami-Shinjuku JEBL
5-23-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051, Japan

Corporate Information

Safety and security have become increasingly important as society in the 21st century moves forward in its quest for well being. This is where the Yokogawa Denshikiki product family, which is based on rich industry experience and state-of-the-art technology, comes into play. Our sophisticated precision equipment incorporates our expertise in fundamental technologies that we have acquired and put to use over the years as well as the latest technology advances, and this is contributing not only on the ground but also in the sea, in the air, and in space to the development of many different industries.

In line with Yokogawa's corporate strategy, Yokogawa Denshikiki will continue to develop its own fundamental technologies and promote technology fusion through collaboration with the Yokogawa Group. A versatile, vibrant, and visionary company that is responsive to ever-varying and advancing customer needs, Yokogawa Denshikiki is contributing to the realization of a thriving global society.

Business domains

Maritime navigation and aerospace businesses

Navigational equipment, maritime equipment, equipment for civilian aircraft engines, rocket engine igniters

The businesses domains listed below distribute products and provide services only in Japan.

Environment business

Meteorological, terrestrial-phenomenon and hydrological observation equipment, environmental data gathering and monitoring systems

Data transmission, security, and combustion businesses

Data transmission systems, security equipment, industrial igniters, static eliminators




Minami-Shinjuku JEBL
5-23-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051 Japan
TEL +81-3-3225-5350
FAX +81-3-3225-5320

Hadano Office

Hadano Office

500, Soya, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa Pref. 257-8502 Japan
TEL +81-463-81-1400
FAX +81-463-82-4861

Morioka Office

Morioka Office

15-8, Kami-Iioka 1-Chome, Morioka-shi, Iwate Pref. 020-0854 Japan
TEL +81-19-638-5211
FAX +81-19-637-1015

Iruma Office

Iruma Office

11-16, Kagiyama 3-Chome, Iruma-shi, Saitama Pref. 358-0004 Japan
TEL +81-4-2962-3121
FAX +81-4-2962-3134

Company brochure


Environmental Management

Certified to meet the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management, YDK Technologies is promoting continuous improvement and enhancement of its systems.

Certificate of environmental management system (Hadano site)

  • ISO 14001:acquired in 2015, JIS Q 14001:acquired in 2015

  • Approval Certificate No.:JUSE-EG-683

Quality Assurance Activities

Certified to meet the ISO 9001 international standard for quality control and quality assurance, YDK Technologies is promoting continuous quality improvement and enhancement of its products and services.

Certificate of examined quality management system -1

  • JIS Q 9001:acquired in 2015 (ISO 9001:acquired in 2015)

    • Approval Certificate No: YKA 0941853

Certificate of examined quality management system -2

  • JIS Q 9001:acquired in 2015 (ISO 9001:acquired in 2015)

    • Certificate No: BSK0032

  • JIS Q 9100:acquired in 2016

    • Certificate No: BSKA0046